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(Re)discover old-time classics with Playtendo

The Playtendo association invites you to join in the retrogaming fun! With exhibitions, tournaments and gaming cafés, come and celebrate the games of the past in the present...

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about playtendo

Playtendo is an association created in 2015. Its story began with the discovery of retro consoles at flea markets. Little by little, the collection grew. The association was born. They began by organizing chronological exhibitions around retro consoles, then animations in different venues. Beyond entertainment, Playtendo fosters intergenerational cross-fertilization, bringing together game fans young and old, through exhibitions and tournaments organized with fervor by its dedicated volunteers.


stand activities

Playtendo invites you to discover or rediscover your favorite retro games. Several consoles are available for free access, with a multitude of games. What's more, we invite you to take part in the various tournaments organized by the association's volunteers. They're proud to be taking part in Japan Expo 2024, so come one, come all!

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