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Play Mahjong with Tri Nitro Tiles

Learn to play Mahjong, a traditional game of Asian origin that is particularly popular in Japan. Learn the rules, master them, and compete against your opponents in tournaments at Japan Expo!

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Activities on the booth

Mahjong is a board game of Chinese origin and is very popular in Japan. It combines luck and skill in exciting games! As a combinatorial card game, Mahjong is similar to rummy in some ways and to poker in others.

At the booth, you can take part in introductions to Riichi, the Japanese variant of Mahjong, and tournaments held during the festival.

About Tri Nitro Tiles

Tri Nitro Tiles was created in October 2010 in Puteaux with the objective of promoting Mahjong. It is the first club to practice Riichi in France exclusively and is affiliated with the FFMJ (French Mahjong Federation). The players can meet weekly at the "Maison des Associations" in the 8th district of Paris.

Present on the Parisian, national, and world scene, Tri Nitro Tiles has acquired a certain notoriety in the world of Riichi, both as competitors (currently, four members are ranked in the French top 10) and as an event organizer by hosting the first World Riichi Championship (WRC) in 2014.

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