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Photographs by WABI SABI

WABI SABI is back again with an area dedicated to traditional arts, an exhibit and many craftsmen and artists come to present their works and art. Come have a look at the photos and meet their makers!

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WABI SABI is about Japanese aesthetic values, and it’s also a series of exhibits presented at Japan Expo every year since 2011, which offer a unique insight of Japanese arts and crafts. A cultural and artistic journey to the heart of a space dedicated to Japanese culture and traditions!

Over 700 sqm, the WABI SABI exhibit unveils various artistic works and techniques, pursuing the same goal as in the previous years. Craftsmen and artists are part of it: With 60 craftsmen, the arts and crafts exhibit brings together 50 booths displaying calligraphy works, traditional dolls, ceramics, and so many more fascinating items.

the artists



Keisuku KURIHARA is a photographer specialized in photos expressing the concept of wabi sabi. The artist takes photos of flowers, getting his inspiration from the concepts found in poetry or the tea ceremony. Every work allows the viewer to get a little closer to the Japanese way of thinking.

More information on twitter.com/kuriharakeisuk


Katsuhiro MIYAUCHI

Katsuhiro MIYAUCHI is a photographer specialized in photographs of the Kyoto geisha. The artist exposed his geisha photos in Paris 10 years ago, and was touched by the public’s reaction. His photos show Japanese beauty and culture under a soft light and offer a unique approach to the hidden side of traditional culture in Kyoto. 



Yoshiko YAMAGUCHI mainly photographs Japanese koi carps. The artist plays with the golden, silver, and red colors of these fish, but also shows seasons by playing with symbols. She also uses her photos as prints on kimono or fans.

More information on www.emygraph.net



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