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Paris Sanshin Club

Pluck the strings of sanshin, a traditional instrument that can be used for any kind of music, during workshops organized by the Paris Sanshin Club at Tsunagari village!

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The Paris Sanshin Club was created in 2009 after Master Shinjin KISE visited France, and gathers about fifteen hobbyists around the study and practice of Okinawa traditional music. Sanshin is a plucked stringed instrument traditionally accompanying folkloric songs. Nowadays, it can be used with other music genres such as court music or pop. 

The club is based at the National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilizations (INALCO) since December 2013, and performs in many events (exhibitions, private events…) to promote this unknown instrument in France. Its motivation? To make Okinawa culture known to all!

The association agrees on the fact that music, whatever its form, holds one precious value: the capability of gathering all people around one same passion.



This summer, the members of the Paris Sanshin Club will be part of Tsunagari village and will tell you all you need to know about their instrument as well as letting you try it out!

Tsunagari village

Tsunagari village (or the link village) is a new area where you'll get to discover five festive Japanese arts through varied animations. Go meet its associations and workshops to try out shinobue flutesanshin (a plucked stringed instrument that traditionally accompanies folkloric songs), yosakoi (a sportive Japanese dance), taiko (a Japanese barrel-shaped drum) and awa odori (a folkloric dance also known as "the fools' dance")

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