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Painting by WABI SABI

WABI SABI is back again with an area dedicated to traditional arts, an exhibit and many craftsmen and artists come to present their works and art. Come have a look at paintings and meet their makers!

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WABI SABI is about Japanese aesthetic values, and it’s also a series of exhibits presented at Japan Expo every year since 2011, which offer a unique insight of Japanese arts and crafts. A cultural and artistic journey to the heart of a space dedicated to Japanese culture and traditions!

Over 700 sqm, the WABI SABI exhibit unveils various artistic works and techniques, pursuing the same goal as in the previous years. Craftsmen and artists are part of it: With 60 craftsmen, the arts and crafts exhibit brings together 50 booths displaying calligraphy works, traditional dolls, ceramics, and so many more fascinating items.

The artists


Kashu ANDO

Born in 1947 in the region of Tottori, Kashu ANDO has been painting with India ink since the age of 20 years old. With her works, ink wash paintings, she expresses the way flowers helped her heal from illness. The artist exhibits her works in Japan and abroad.



Ranko KIZAKI first started as a calligraphy artist. The fluidness of her ideograms as the history they represent, caught the attention of the public. She won the most distinguished prize of calligraphy, the Gakusho-in.  She, then, started a career as a painter. Her paintings mix colors and the black of the ink, and ideograms and flower patterns. The finish on her paintwork is just beautiful.


Junpu KATO

Born in 1925 in Saitama, Junpu KATO's work carries a message of peace. It shows exclusively the harmony between humans, animals, and nature. Those landscapes show the wealth of Japanese's earth. Discover the beauty of his paintings at Japan Expo.


Hatsue INOUE

Hatsue INOUE uses rare and natural pigments for doing flat tints. The bright colors make the flowers in his paintings look alive. Hatsue INOUE received many prizes and her work has been exhibited in many countries.


Kiyotaka FUJII

Inspired by wash tint's techniques, Kiyotaka FUJII's paintings are unique. They show abstract or semi-figurative scenes based on different themes. It only takes him 5 or 10 minutes to paint what he already had dreamt of.

He is also the owner of a tea plantation in Fushimi, near Kyoto. This plantation inspires him for his paintings. Simplicity, contrasts, and the use of blank spaces are all part of his success. His contemporary wash tints are really famous.


Born in 1926 in Tokyo, Teruko OOTAKE is a specialist in obstetrics and a painter. She likes to paint landscapes or sceneries she saw in the real world with a few touches of poetry.


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