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Othello is back at Japan Expo to explain to you the simple rules of this game which yet has an infinite strategic richness!

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The Othello French Federation’s main goal is to inform about the games of othello and reversi in France. Throughout the year, the FFO has been taking part in various events to teach the rules and strategic principles of this game. And of course, they always stop by at Japan Expo!

Although othello might seem very simple to learn, it’s a very rich and complex game, and almost all its strategic rules are contrary to intuition. So, how should you do it?

Should you take all the pawns you can during the game? Well, that’s probably the best way to lose them during the final moves, and to be smashed by your adversary. Should you instead try to conquer the boarders, since it might seem easier to protect them? They are in fact more stable, but they are also often taken back by the end of the game. Then maybe take the corners of the boards? That’s a good tactic, but it also can fall apart any time.

The thing is, this game might seem easy to learn but almost no one has a good strategy required to really win the game, and it’s almost impossible to find it out on your own.



The Othello French Federation brings 10 self-service gaming tables on their booth. Come and discover this popular game. Its members are here to explain the basic rules and reveal the secrets of winning strategies!

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