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For the first time in Europe, a show will be bringing together over 80 yosakoi dancers from 6 troupes on stage. Among them, let’s introduce the French troupe Odoritsuru!

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Odoritsuru Nantes is a French yosakoi team based in Nantes, West of France. Composed of a dozen of yosakoi and sou-odori lovers who like to share colorful and energetic dances.  Odoritsuru is dedicated to develop yosakoi in France and across all Europe. Doing so by participating in events, centered on Japanese culture or dancing or smaller events such as Initiations or cooperation with schools.

The team, created in 2015 as “Nantes Niigata Odori”, is deeply linked with the Japanese city of Niigata, Nantes twin city. Amongst all the different cultural exchanges between the two cities, it had the unique opportunity to go to Japan to dance at the Niigata Sou Odori. The experience reinforced their love and passion for both yosakoi and sou-odori.



Odoritsuru will be joining KoidoukaiRaiden, Vogue Miyabi, Yosakoi London, and Yosakoi Paris Hinodemai to perform the Yosakoi European Show – YESthe very first show in Europe bringing together over 80 yosakoi dancers in Europe.

Come meet them during animations at Tsunagari village!

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