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Nihon Budo initiations

Let's try nihon budo with Master Mitsuru WATANABE who offers introductory sessions in order to introduce this art to everyone.

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Nihon Budo

Nihon budo is a martial art that wants to put forward the heart of martial arts: efficiency. When other martial arts tend to focus on the spectacular side of the discipline, nihon budo gathers all the knowledge from Japanese martial arts while honouring their traditions. Thus, iai, ken jutsu, ju jutsu or ko budo are an integral part of nihon budo which is an amalgamation of three main components: the art of defence with aiki-ju jutsu, the art of fighting with kenpo tai jutsu and the art of fencing with iai ken jutsu kobudo.

These components allow nihon budo users to adapt to any type of attack and to extend their range of techniques on the ground, with a sword or bare hand. 


Several nihon budo clubs and Master WATANABE will attend Japan Expo in order to offer you initiation sessions to discover this martial art. These introductory sessions are open to everyone, plus you can attend many demonstrations by nihon budo experts!

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