Japan Expo Paris - July 11-14, 2024
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MYV et Dolly Cosplay

Dolly and MYV welcome you at their booth to make you discover what’s behind the art of cosplay. They display costumes, make demonstrations, and offer you to participate in sewing and embroidering workshops all along the festival!

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Dolly has been a cosplayer for more than ten years. She has lived in Japan for fifteen years and has been an active member of the cosplay community in the northern part of the country. MYV is a creator and an embroiderer. She celebrates her 10th birthday as a cosplayer this year.

Whether you are a cosplayer or just a regular attendee, come meet them to talk, ask questions, take part in activities, and admire more than fifteen costumes throughout the four days of the festival!



Dolly is in charge of the sewing area of the booth and realizes before you some parts of her future costumes. She also holds workshops where you can create flowers with various fabrics. MYV takes care of technical embroidery demonstrations and shares some of her secrets during her workshops. Come take part in these animations and leave with your creations!

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