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Mushae and Sôma’s equestrian festival

Don’t miss this fascinating exhibit, about one of Japan’s ancient festival, which has been launched again after March 2011 events.

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The festival Sôma Nomaoi has going on in Sôma’s region for about a thousand years and takes place every year on the last week-end of July, in Fukushima Prefecture.


This area has been badly shaken by March 11, 2011’s earthquake and tsunami, and the city of Minamisôma especially, situated about 20 kilometers from Fukushima’s power station, will suffer from the consequences for a long time.

To get over 2011’s trauma, Sôma Nomaoi has been launched again two years ago.

To make this festival known, support it, and let people discover the wonders of armored horsemen catching wild horses, the mangaka and illustrator Mamoru YOKOTA has asked for his friends’ help, to start a project of warrior illustrations , presented in a mobile exhibit.

At Japan Expo, come have a look at the Mushae exhibit with about 50 illustrations by various mangaka and illustrators who have been part of the project.


Sôma Nomaoi official website

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