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Ludosport Paris : initiation to lightsaber

Awaken your Jedi soul on the Ludosport Paris booth! This sport, inspired by lightsaber fights, was born in Italy fifteen years ago. Today, this discipline has spread internationally and can be found in more than 15 countries!

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Attendees are invited to participate in lightsaber initiations! You just have to register on the booth, then come to the arena at the scheduled time. Initiations last about 30 minutes, no special clothing is required, and both adults and children (1m20 minimum) are welcome!

Fighters of all levels will be there, and you will be able to watch experienced athletes fight in the arena! Even for the most experienced instructors, victory is never assured... May the best man win!

ludosport paris

The founding masters were inspired by various martial arts to create this discipline, adapting the movements to the particular weapon that is the lightsaber. There are 7 different fighting styles, as well as 3 possible types of weapons: the classic long sword, the double-bladed sword, and the two daggers.

The Paris academy was created in 2015, and has already trained over 200 students. It welcomes new students every year, in its classes in Paris-centre and in Vincennes.

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