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Lightsaber fights with Ludosport Paris

Try yourself at lightsaber fights with Ludosport Paris! Join them at their booth to see lightsaber fights and test this sport yourself during their introductory courses.

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Activities at the booth

Ludosport Paris invites you to come and try their lightsaber combat initiations and watch their athletes demonstrate their fighting skills throughout the festival.

The introductory courses last 20-30 minutes, during which you will learn different attacks and defenses from the first five forms of lightsaber combat.

Come book a slot at their booth on the day of the event, then come to the arena at the time of the course! Schedules will be posted on-site.

Introductory courses are offered to adults and children (minimum height of 1m20). No special clothing is required.

You will also be able to watch their athletes fight each other! Fighters of all levels will compete. But even for the most experienced fighters, victory is never assured!

About Ludosport Paris

Ludosport is a combat sport created in Italy 16 years ago, which has spread internationally over the years. It exists now in about 15 countries.

Ludosport has seven different fighting styles and three types of laser weapons: the long sword, the double-blade sword, and the two daggers.

The Paris academy was created in 2015 and has trained over 200 students since its creation. There are also schools in France in Bussy, Montpellier, Tours, and La Réunion. They offer courses all year round (except during summer vacations). The classes last 1h30, in the evening during the week or on weekends. Some students also train on weekends outside of class.

National and international tournaments are organized every year with the other schools!


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