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Japanese castles, a stroll back in time

Inherited from long ago, the 12 original Japanese castles have lived through the passing of time to keep on impressing us until today. Don’t miss the dedicated exhibit to know more about those majestic fortresses!

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The Sengoku era, the time of Warring States (15th and 16th centuries), is one of the most troubled period of the History of Japan. The Emperor had lost all power and feudal lords gave their ambitions free rein. On battlefields, samurai fight in epic battles and everywhere in the country castles rise.

The castles were as much defense buildings as symbols of power and they appeared all over the country. At the height of this castle era, there were over a thousand of them.

There are 12 original castles left in Japan. If those castles have been restored along the years, they are said to be original as they have kept their dungeons, structures, and wood frame. 


Find out more about those 12 castles in the exhibit Japanese castles, a stroll back in time, inspired from Julien and Denis MENTZER’s book, Japon, châteaux et sac à dos (Japan, Castles, and Backpacks, available in French only). Through a series of photos, explanations, and videos, discover their architecture, their functions, their history, and their beauty which have lived on through centuries!


More castles and Japanese adventures on www.youtube.com/channel/Balade_du_Sakura

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