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Evangelion: 20th anniversary

Launched in 1995, the legendary saga Evangelion is 20 years old: Japan Expo had to celebrate this anniversary. From its creation up to now, experience 20 years of this major work of Japanese animation through an exhibit!

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20 years of a cult saga

The story of Evangelion dates back to 1995, when the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion was launched. The saga then developed in varied media such as a manga, films and video games. Until it became a phenomenon!

In 2007, the first film of the Evangelion movie series was released: the public is filled with enthusiasm, especially the youth. 3 movies have been released so far. The last one, Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo, released at fall 2012, had more than 3.8 million viewers in theatres. More than 2 million copies of the DVDs & Blu-ray of the trilogy have been sold.

In November 2014, the last volume of the manga Neon Genesis Evangelion was published, unveiling the end of an 18 year long story. The 13th first volumes reached 23 million copies sold.

The year 2015 is the 20th anniversary of the Evangelion saga. The release of a new film is planned soon. After 20 years, each new Evangelion release is still among the most expected!

The story

Violently hit by an unprecedented catastrophe, the Second Impact, humanity has lost about half the world population. 15 years later, when the first signs of reconstruction finally appear, a new danger threatens the Earth: the invasion of huge creatures called "Angels". Human beings, to fight the Angels, develop new weapons: the androids "Evangelion". The latter can only be driven by 14 year old teenagers, boys and girls.

The fight for humanity’s fate is starting, but some things are still unclear. What are really the Angels? What does the mysterious Plan for Humans’ complementarity of the Second Impact really mean? What about the teenagers, who have to face real ordeals? 

The exhibit

This special exhibit is a tribute to the 20th anniversary of Evangelion with a selection of rare reproductions of elements from the various steps of the production. The project, starting point of the saga, the design elements which define the world of Evangelion and the characters, storyboard works, the original drawings, and many more: discover how the saga came to life!

To complete the exhibit, many derived products are also displayed: objects than fans cherish and often rare objects, which are part of the history of the saga.

Don’t miss the exhibit: a unique opportunity to know more about the world of Evangelion and maybe enjoy it even more!


To celebrate this anniversary as the saga deserves, Japan Expo is also welcoming the chara-designer of Neon Genesis Evangelion, author of the manga and animation director of the movies: Yoshiyuki SADAMOTO is the Anime Guest of Honor of the festival and is meeting you for autographs on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. And don’t miss him on Saturday for a panel!

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