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Lead your army into battle with the Île-de-France shogi league

The Île-de-France Shogi league is delighted to welcome you to its booth and introduce you to shogi. Members of the federation will teach you all you need to know to play and strategize your way to victory in this game of generals.

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activities at the booth

Animators are on hand to explain the rules. The association has a host of introductory games, including dobutsu shôgi, a family game used to explain the principle of shôgi to children and beginners. All you have to do is play 3 games, or 20 minutes of your time, to understand the rules, then take part in free tournaments and try to win prize.

about the ile-de-france Shogi league

The aim of this league is to share their passion for shogi, the Japanese strategy game renowned for its difficulty. To this end, they organize tournaments and visit conferences so that amateurs and the more experienced alike can enjoy the game.

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