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Kobe: the charm of city sightseeing

Like every year, Japan Expo unveils to you a Japanese city through an exhibit. For the 17th Impact, Kobe has pride of honor, a city open onto the world, with a rich culture that appeals to visitors from all around the world!

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Set in West Japan, Kobe has over 1.53 million inhabitants and welcomes every year a million tourists. Japan opened its doors to the world in 1868, which contributed to the development of this harbor city, the wealth of which partly comes from the sea. The relations between France and Kobe date back to the same period when a French Consulate was established, helping the exchanges between the two countries. 


Kobe is famous for its food and its very pure water coming from the mountain Rokko-san, one of the best for producing sake. Kobe extends between the sea and the mountains, and is surrounded by fertile soil, which offers both products from the sea and from the ground.

Kobe is also a city that managed to survive after 1995’s great Hanshin-Awaji earthquake. The courage and strength of its people allowed to reconstruct the city.  


Though of series of photos, have a look at the city of Kobe in the exhibit Kobe: the charm of city sightseeing, its opening onto the world, its assets which attracts visitors and the strength that made it overcome catastrophes. 

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