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Kirarin is the mascot of Namerikawa. Even though its yukata is blue, this mascot won't give you the blues. Don't miss the show of this firefly squid with 4 other mascots!

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Elected at a contest against 418 other entrants in 2010, Kirarin is the mascot of the city of Namerikawa. This firefly squid with a human face is a reference to one of the animals you can see in this region.

He is wearing a yukata and the city emblem, as well as 2 fans in his hands, a reference to the city's traditional dance.

There are numerous goodies of Kirarin like key rings, cuddly toys, or badges. Since 2012, Kirarin has become an official citizen of Namerikawa and he contributes to the development of the city.

Kirarin is inviting you for a special show with UMI☆KUUN on Thursday and with EGU-SPLOSION on Saturday on the Kitsune stage. Don't miss this show featuring funny choreographies.


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