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Percussionist Kenji FURUTATE gives a modern touch to the traditional rhythms of the waidako during the Concerts of Japanese Drum and Shamisen show with Keishi OHNO!

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In 2003, Kenji FURUTATE founded a band called GONNA with which he participated in Aichi’s World Exposition in 2005. In 2006, he started a solo career that quickly got full of many activities. He first created a new concept of concerts during which he would improvise compositions right on the spot together with other guests. These events, known as Meet’s Jam, still exist nowadays. Kenji FURUTATE is used to performing on big occasions. For instance, he once played during the closing concert of the 35th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and China.

In 2009, he organized For the Children, which was a concert gathering Wadaiko Zero – a band composed of young taiko players that he conducts –, and the Furyu Dagaku Matsuri Shu collective, which is based in Kyoto. This event rallied 600 attendees and obtained people’s support to collect funds for disadvantaged children. In February 2015, he gave portable taiko lessons during the East Coast Taiko Conference in Ithaca (New-York) before running some workshops and perfoming live in Taiwan in August and December.

The release of his two first albums, Footstep and Fly, gave him the opportunity to go on tour several times, starting on the East coast of the United-States in April 2016 then in New-Zealand in February 2017.


Kenji FURUTATE now makes one concert after the other, playing solo or accompanied by bands he has created such as On’ami and DTT. In July, he will be performing live alongside shamisen player Keisho OHNO to celebrate the 160th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between France and Japan during a modern show with hints of traditional tunes. This performance is in partnership with The Japan Foundation as well as being part of Japonismes 2018. Don’t miss this event!

Let's celebrate the 160th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between France and Japan!

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In partnership with The Japan Foundation and as part of Japonismes 2018

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