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Keisho OHNO

The shamisen prodigy and rock lover Keisho OHNO takes you on a journey through traditional and modern tunes during the Concerts of Japanese Drum and Shamisen show with Kenji FURUTATE!

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Keisho OHNO started to learn shamisen when he was 8 years old. Thanks to his talent, he received an honorary title at the age of 12, and was noticed by the renowned shamisen player Chikuzan Takahashi 1st before becoming one of Chikuzan-bushi shamisen school’s successors. His interest in rock and house music allowed him to come up with an innovative style by mixing folkloric and modern tunes. His motto is to preserve traditional music while going against its convention!

After he got noticed in Japan – where he notably composed the original soundtrack for Haruo Mizuno’s movie Siberian Express 4 –, Keisho OHNO saw his career expanding on a worldwide scale. In 2006, he was the first shamisen player to perform in the United States during the South by Southwest music festival. This same year, he met with great success on the American soil during a tour, then again in Germany during a series of concerts. His first album, Shami Spirits, came out in 2007. Between 2008 and 2010, the artist went on a series of three European tours, and even performed within the framework of the football World Cup in Johannesburg.

YOAKE - MV|大野敬正 Keisho Ohno

Keisho OHNO wishes to spread shamisen music throughout the world. In July, he will be performing live alongside wadaiko player Kenji FURUTATE to celebrate the 160th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between France and Japan during a modern show with hints of traditional tunes. This performance is in partnership with The Japan Foundation as well as being part of Japonismes 2018. Don’t miss it! 

Let's celebrate the 160th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between France and Japan!

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In partnership with The Japan Foundation and as part of Japonismes 2018

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