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Katanaya Ichi

With swordplay demonstrations, the members of Katanaya Ichi bring the samurai era up to date. Come discover them on the Sakura stage!

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Katana, a 60-centimeter sword that first appeared in the 6th century, became the symbol of the samurai. That sword forged in steel is both light and sharp. Every part of that sword received a meticulous treatment: from the hilt cover made of silk to the case made of magnolia wood.

Katanaya Ichi's members do demonstrations of combat techniques with katana worldwide. They already won prizes, in particular in England and Germany.  Every detail is given special attention like the historical costumes and the quality of the swords. They are also mixing aikido and dance.

Discover their show on the Sakura Stage and dive into the samurai world!

刀屋壱 -Katanaya Ichi-


More information about Katanaya Ichi on katanaya-ichi.main.jp

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