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Kaokig unveils to you the secrets of animegao kigurumi, a mesmerizing type of cosplay!

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The association Kaokig aims at promoting animegao kigurumi towards the public.

Animegao kigurumi is a special type of cosplay. Cosplayers wear a mask very much like a manga drawing, to look as much as possible like the character they’re embodying.

This type of cosplay, which comes from Japan, is used by professionals for promotion purposes (like the One Piece mascots which came to Japan Expo) but also by a growing number of amateur cosplayers.



Kaokig introduces you to animegao kigurumi and share with you the techniques and secrets of this practice.

KaoKig will propose an exhibit corner on their booth. Members will also be available for a chat with you and will answer all your question about masks.

Keep a souvenir of Kaokig: a photocall is available for photoshoots with your favorite characters! You can even try a mask on if you feel like it.

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