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Japanese relaxation methods

Enjoy a moment of welcome relaxation with the Japanese well-being workshops which offer demos, teaching lessons and individual care to attendees. A golden occasion for recharging one’s batteries at Japan Expo!

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There are plenty of Japanese relaxation methods unknown in France, particularly among the young audience. Japan Expo proposes a Japanese wellbeing area in order to share these practices and help popularise shiatsu.

Shiatsu and do-in teacher in Paris, Toshi ICHIKAWA created his own shiatsu school in 2010. This vocation was born from his passion – since his youth – for energetic and wellbeing practices from Japan, such as do-in, makô-hô, taisô, seitai, sôtai-hô, tanden kokyu hô or bûtô, as well as some other coming from Asia – qi gong, tai-chi and yoga



You are welcome to come to the workshops managed by Toshi ICHIKAWA with the participation of his students and Japanese therapists at the Japanese wellbeing area at Japan Expo. Different forms of animation are offered to the festival attendees: demonstrations, private or in group lessons and individual care. The disciplines presented will be suited to everyone, with various types of shiatsureiki, or do-in.

You can also join relaxing musical breaks with the sound of shakuhachi (traditional bamboo flute).

Come to the Toshiatsu booth for a relaxing moment in the Japanese way at Japan Expo 20th Impact!

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