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Iokaï Shiatsu Paris

Have you ever tried shiatsu or do in? If not, visit Iokaï Shiatsu Paris’s booth to discover new ways to relax. And if you have, we know you’ll go back by yourself!

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Iokaï Shiatsu Paris welcomes people at the ON KO DO IOKAI dôjô in Paris. It is a place entirely dedicated to developing and teaching shiatsu iokaiDo in and shiatsu classes are held almost everyday.

Iokaï Shiatsu Paris is committed to promoting shiatsu by organizing "shiatsu discovery sessions" once a month and attending zen, well-being and alternative medicine events.


Relax and revitalize yourself at Iokaï Shiatsu Paris’s booth by trying:

  • Free 30-minute shiatsu discovery sessions
  • Free 30-minute collective do in sessions that take place twice a day at 11.30am and 4.00pm.

Iokaï Shiatsu Paris practitioners give information about shiatsu and do in, and their training programs. 

About shiatsu

Shiatsu was founded in Japan in the early 20th century: shi means finger, and atsu, pressure. It is a simple and natural method that consists in applying pressures over the body to relieve it from tensions, tiredness, and aches, and boost our vital, physical, and mental strength.

Shiatsu may be performed by anyone. It is a popular art that can be practiced with family or friends, to relax but also to develop our understanding of ourselves and others. In Japan, people say: "shiatsu is like the love of a mother, the pressure of the hands makes life flood out".

About do in

Do means opening the path to help the flow of the ki, and in means moving and stretching your joints.

Do in is an easy and collective practice for everyone, whatever their age, aiming at relaxing and developing one’s suppleness and self-understanding. Practiced regularly, it improves vitality and the relations with one’s environment.

Do in exercises try to restore a balanced flow of the ki. Do in includes breathing techniques that soothe the mind and use body movements such as percussion, pressure, and friction.

More about Iokaï Shiatsu Paris on iokai.fr/paris

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