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Institut de Reiki

Discover the path of energy and meditation with reiki, a Japanese relaxation technique. After each session, you will feel more relaxed et calmer than ever before!

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Originated in Japan, reiki is a form of relaxation method with stress relief effects which bring peace of mind. Based on this technique, Institut de Reiki and the French Federation of Traditional Reiki developed "reikiology".

Sessions proceed as follows: patients lie down (fully clothed) on a table and close their eyes. They let themselves go without anything in particular to do. Practitioners enter a meditative state while lightly putting their hands on some body parts of the patients. This enables the patients to enter a meditative state too.

Under the effects of this meditation, tensions of both the body and the mind disappear, letting the natural resources of the patient come out.



Institut de Reiki and the French Federation of Traditional Reiki provide you with a team of volunteers ready to help you. Each session lasts about 30 minutes – an ideal opportunity to relax and center yourself before resuming your day.


More information on Institut de Reiki and the French Federation of Traditional Reiki: 

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