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Immerse yourself in the world of Final Fantasy with FF MUSEUM!

FF Museum showcases a multitude of merchandise from the Final Fantasy series. Since the association was formed in 2006, members have been sharing their chocobo-colored collections at conventions and temporary exhibitions.

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activities at the booth

The members of the FF Museum group are exhibiting their collection of derivative products from the Final Fantasy video game saga. Come and admire not only video games, but also figurines, jewelry and clothing featuring characters from the saga! Take part in their escape game in the exhibition area, and in a mini-game competition for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth on PS5!

about FF museum

FF Museum is a group of collectors and enthusiasts of the best-selling video game saga Final Fantasy published by Square Enix. Since the group was formed in 2006, members have been keen to share their collections through temporary exhibitions at festivals such as Japan Expo.

Don't forget to don your best Final Fantasy cosplay for a souvenir photo!

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