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Imai Dojo

The Imai Dojo comes meet you at Japan Expo to initiate you to budô karate and teach you self-defense techniques with the utmost respect for the samurai spirit!

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Inspired by the karate style renshinkan which itself comes from the shorinji fight techniques meant to protect the people from its persecutors, budô karate is taught at the Imai Dojo. Located in Yokohama, a harbor not far from the Japanese capital, the academy preserves the bushido spirit, that is to say the samurai philosophy.

Self-defense classes against gratuitous violence are also delivered so people can protect themselves on a daily basis. With no less than 400 members, the dôjô is considered the largest of Japan in terms of number of adherents in one place.


Master Imai, budô karate absolute expert, will himself present you self-defense techniques adapted to all levels of skills during simulations. Together with his students, he will also show you a fight demonstration against several assailants.

The Imai Dojo is eager to meet you at Japan Expo to show you its full expertise!


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