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ICWA – Puroresu

Pro wrestling at Japan Expo will host the best of puroresu next summer: four stars of Japanese wrestling will be attending the festival but we're only unveiling two of them right now!

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Let’s get ready for an outstanding show with two high-flying experts. Lucharesu, a mix of Japanese "strong style" and of Mexican Lucha Libre, will be represented with two major names of indie pro wrestling.

Fastness, aerial feats, agility, technicity, roughness, and strong sensations: all in the same fights! Your adrenaline will be pumping with three daily shows on the ring. If we’re going to let you wait for a little while before telling you their names, we have a few clues for you about our two Lucharesu wrestlers:

  • Trained at the NOAH dôjô (Japanese pro wrestling federation), the first guest’s records include Junior Heavyweight AJPW – All Japan Pro Wrestling champion; AJPW All Asia team champion; Junior Heavyweight NOAH solo and team champion; Cruiserweight Wrestle-1 solo and team champion; Junior Heavyweight Pro Wrestling Zero1 champion; and Junior Heavyweight NWA world champion.
  • Behind his mask, the second one has been trained at the AJPW - All Japan Pro Wrestling dôjô and has been Junior Heavyweight W-1 champion and UWA trio champion.

Joshi puroresu

We mentioned four puroresu stars and here come two more specialized in joshi puroresu, that is Japanese female pro wrestling, which has seldom been represented at Japan Expo.

Come admire the epic fights of both world top level catchers at Japan Expo: Yoko Bito and Konami are among the best in the world, and promise some amazing shows on the ring! More about them soon!



Organized three times a day, initiation classes are always fully attended and offer a nice friendly moment.

Come feel the sensations of a wrestler on the ring: a unique time you can only experience at Japan Expo! 


In partnership with ICWA: www.icwacatch.com

Initiations are organized by INFC: www.infcatch.fr

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