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HAIDONG GUMDO: Traditional Korean sword fighting

Haidong Gumdo teaches traditional Korean sword fighting. Come and learn this ancestral fighting art at Japan Expo!

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Based on the techniques of the ancient Korean kingdom Gogureo, this martial art, whose name means in Korean "the way of the sunbeam that illuminates beyond the eastern sea," offers many codified sequences, breathing techniques of concentration and meditation, cutting exercises on many supports and many educational combat exercises with one or more partners.

Haidong Gumdo is a self-defense system based on flexibility and endurance rather than physical strength. It aims to resolve conflicts calmly and measuredly by relying on principles of self-control and control over one's environment.

At their booth at Japan Expo, Haidong Gumdo offers introductory courses to Korean sword fighting. Experienced instructors and passionate practitioners will be present to accompany you and help you discover this traditional martial art.

The program includes physical preparation, initiation to Haidong Gumdo movements, and sword practice.

The courses last about 30 minutes, and registering beforehand is unnecessary. Take advantage of the opportunity to discover this fascinating and complete martial art during your visit to Japan Expo!

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