Japan Expo Paris - July 11-14, 2024
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Overflowing with energy and enthusiasm: that’s the magic mix of Gamushara, a group of Japanese traditional supporters named oendan. Their motto: supporting the whole wide world, and that means Japan Expo’s attendees too!

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In Japan, oendan, supporter groups, are a capital element for any school. Cheering battles are even organized as to determine which team can motivate its athletes the best!

Based on the concept “to send the emotions of cheering battles to the whole world”, the Gamushara group is the first oendan not related to any school. With their school uniforms, the members of this excited group are totally stunning! The physical performance and the message they convey impress just as much the public who always ends up full of passion and ready to take up any challenge.


Come share their uncommon energy and attend their dynamic and offbeat demonstrations on the Sakura stage. They’re ready to support the whole world, so why not you?! 


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