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Follow the path of the bushido with France Naginata !

The naginata resembles a halberd with a curved blade. It's mounted on a pole that can be up to 2 meters long! Come and sharpen your mental and physical discipline by wielding this feudal Japanese weapon.

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Activities on booth

Learn how to handle the naginata, known as atarashii naginata.

Practice the martial art of atarashii naginata through initiations and demonstrations guided by experienced practitioners. You'll learn the basics of weapon handling, watch combat demonstrations, and have the opportunity to face off against armored practitioners.

about France naginata

Naginata first appeared in France in 1973, making it the first country in Europe to practice and develop naginata. Under the direction of Simone CHARTON, the sport became increasingly popular, with French athletes regularly placing on the podium.

The activities on the booth are held by students from the Maisons-Alfort naginata club. The club is run by Cécile HAMOT sensei, renshi, and Alain GUILLAUME sensei, ex-coach of the French national team. Several of the athletes present will be members of the French naginata team.

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