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Yearning to learn to play the Japanese chess, or to improve your shôgi skills? The French Federation of Shogi is inviting you to participate in their tournaments!

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Also known as the “Generals' Chess”shôgi is a puzzle game, for which focus is really necessary to think strategically and plan your next move. To win the game, you must get the opponent’s king in a checkmate position.

This game is similar to chess and is played in Japan from a very early age. You can also find it in many manga and anime, like in the manga called King of Shôgi.



The French Sôgi Federation pleased to present you the art of Japanese chess. On their booth, you’ll enjoy a traditional atmosphere with initiations and tournaments for beginners, with prizes to win.

Members of the league are here to explain the rules. The association has a multitude of initiation games, like the Dobutsu shôgi, a game made by the shôgi professional player, Madoka KITAO. It’s a family game used to explain the rules to children. You only need to play the game 3 times, which takes approximately 20 min, to finally get the rules and start to play on their tournaments, and try to win prizes!

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