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LEGO exhibit with FreeLUG

Check out the booth of the FreeLUG association to discover works created by its members… all entirely in LEGO! Discover the unusual exhibition from FreeLUG artists at Japan Expo!

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The FreeLUG association brings together since 2003 many enthusiasts of the LEGO brick, over France (and beyond!) who play, collect, build and rebuild, film and animate, but also expose their creations!

From the DUPLO to the Technic, from Middle Ages to robotics, through city, space, train, customisation, etc., all trends are welcome to express themselves and exchange around a common passion of LEGO, at Japan Expo 20th Impact!



FreeLUG will present on his booth the creations made by the members of the association through an exhibition: a presentation of the LEGO IDEA taken from the Voltron anime is on the agenda, in addition to others various constructions of all sizes! A tarp exposed also explains to the curious the history of the cult anime, who will be impressed by the robot and the five lions put in scene only using LEGO.

Come on the FreeLUG booth to discover a new art form and exchange with specialists of the LEGO! The association will also offer workshops to create his own robots or characters...


Follow FreeLUG on www.freelug.org

Photo credits: @Paul Teisson @Gwenael Jacquet

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