Japan Expo Paris - July 14-17, 2022

Costume making demos with LoveCraft Studio

The experts from LoveCraft Studio offer demonstrations of costuming sessions to introduce to the public the work hidden behind any kind of cosplay!

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LoveCraft Studio awaits you on its area for demonstration of wig work sessions and the many techniques of sewing to lift the veil on costume creation in itself.

LoveCraft Studio is a group of entrepreneurs gathered around the world of costume and cosplay. Their main missions: the creation of costumes, decorations and accessories, the initiation of the general public to the creation of costumes and exposure and repair magnificent creations!


The guideline proposed by LoveCraft Studio takes the form of the creation and the assemble of an armor from the Gears of War license, which you can follow the progress throughout the festival. A great opportunity to see cosplay professionals at work!

Come on the booths of LoveCraft Studios to discover the creation of costumes through demonstrations, but also to attend initiation sessions and admire their exhibit at Japan Expo 20th Impact!


Follow LoveCraft Studio on www.lovecraftstudio.fr

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