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Danmaku tournaments with Touhou-Bohu

The Touhou-Bohu association puts the danmaku – type video games in the spotlight with tournaments organised on their booth. Come and show your skills at shooting games at Japan Expo!

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The francophone association Touhou-Bohu produces a series of danmaku video games. Also known under the appellation of Bullet Hell, the danmaku genre belongs to the large shoot’em up family, where the players must empty their clips in order to get rid of the enemies, through difficult levels. The best-known examples are DoDonPachi, Mushihime-Sama and Ikaruga, but the growing popularity of this type of video game led them to be adapted into fighting games, card games and even manga.



Come in to defend your honour through the danmaku tournaments handled by the Touhou-Bohu association at Japan Expo 20th Impact and discover a video game genre which deserves our attention.

All are welcome on the Touhou-Bohu booth to participate in danmaku tournaments but also to warm up through freeplay sessions!


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