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Compete in the arena with Arena Gaming!

The atmosphere of Arena Gaming awaits you to show off your video game skills!

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activities on the booth

Enter the arena and face off against other visitors in 1 vs 1 video game matches! Street Fighter 6, Tekken 8, Mario Kart, DragonBall FighterZ, Smash Bros. or Multi-Versus, try your hand at winning prizes and goodies, and enjoy the atmosphere of an MMA match, hosted by Memez and commented by Team EQ!

But Arena Gaming is also :

  • A show set up in front of the structure, where you can talk pop culture and take part in quizzes and blind tests with Nanix and his team.
  • A FreePlay zone with several consoles to challenge you on your favorite games
  • Every day, unique guests such as Brigitte Lecordier, Arnaud Laurent, Korea Dash, Sofian le Geek, Orochi Jidai and others will challenge you in the octagon and answer your questions on stage.
  • K-Pop shows to set the mood before the tournaments!
  • The return of the famous Punch Machine to measure your strength against Saitama's.

about Arena Gaming

One cage, two challengers, one announcer and one audience: that's how Arena Gaming defines itself. Offering tournaments on a variety of games at conventions, the team's aim is to create an explosive atmosphere similar to that found at MMA matches. In addition to tournaments, the association offers the public the chance to take part in blind tests and quizzes.

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