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Come and see the crazy web series produced by Onze Création: DonJon Legacy!

DonJon Legacy is a web series produced by Onze Création, a collective of crazy artists who love fantasy worlds!

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Come and meet series creator Guilhem, lead actor Sébastien Sera and other members of the team! Showcase your acting talents through short sketches and get taken hostage (not for real) to take part in the “We kill a fan a day!” campaign.

about onze création

Onze Création is a collective of artists behind the web series DonJon Legacy. A blend of humor and heroic fantasy, the series stands out for its offbeat tone and prestigious guests from French web culture, such as Bob Lennon and Brigitte Lecordier. With two award-winning seasons behind them, a crowdfunding campaign has been launched so that the 3rd season of Jon's adventures can see the light of day!

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