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Come and play to elect the great Vainkeurz!

Vainkeurz invites you to take part in its TopList: a ranking system that takes the form of duels where users must choose their favorite option!

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activities at the booth

Vainkeurz invites you to participate and create your own TopList: Tops in the form of duels where you must choose your favorite option from among those proposed, in exchange for goodies. A cosplay competition is organized on their stand, with votes cast in the form of tops directly on their website.

à propos de vainkeurz

Born of a student project in 2012, Vainkeurz really took off in 2021, when its creator relaunched the project on the website. Inspired by FaceSmash, the site involves pitting 2 characters, objects, concepts against each other and letting the player choose their favorite. A global ranking is then created on the site thanks to users' choices!

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