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Butsu Zen Zone

The Butsu Zen Zone introduces you to zen meditation to allow you to breathe and relax among all the merry activities of the festival!

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Zen appeared in Japan in the 13th century and has spread through the whole country's culture thanks to its practice linking the body to the mind. Zazen meditation is at the core of this Buddhist art form ("za" meaning "sitting" and "zen" meaning "meditation"). It is thus a type of meditation that is carried out by sitting cross-legged without using any kind of medium. It insists on focusing one's attention on their body, their pose, and their breathing.

By associating serious words and pictures of traditional practice locations with geek and humoristic visuals, the Butsu Zen Zone tones down this exercise to show how easy it is contrary to popular opinion, and thus gains lots of new enthusiasts.


At Butsu Zen Zone's booth, you can give zen a try by following tutorials provided by real living Buddhas who are also ready to explain you this art's subtleties and answer your questions!

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