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Association Nationale de Nihon Budo Watanabe Ryu

Master Mitsuru WATANABE and different nihon budô clubs invite you to discover this fight technique deeply rooted in several Japanese martial arts.

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To alleviate a drift of martial arts towards a more superficial take, Master Haruyoshi WATANABE created a fight technique sticking to Japanese tradition: nihon budô, literally “Japanese martial art”. Based on the idea of Master Minoru MOCHIZUKI to bring together all budô (iai, kenjutsu, kobudô, jûjutsu, aiki-jûjutsu...), the goal of this technique is to focus on effectiveness rather than the show aspect of fighting.

Nihon budô brings together three elements of Japanese martial arts:

  • The art of self-defense  (aiki-jûjutsu),
  • The art of combat  (kenpô taijutsu),
  • The art of the sword  and  kobudô (iai kenjutsu kobudô).

Together, these elements teach you the best way to fight in any situation. They also help to advance on the martial way by highlighting the core principles of each technique.



Several nihon budô clubs come to Japan Expo to present you the elements composing this martial art during demonstrations and initiations. And benefit from the remarkable presence of Master Mitsuru WATANABE!

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