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Thanks to all his skills, Arlequin has quickly made his name in the world of cosplay. After taking part in many contests, he comes to Japan Expo to attend the European Cosplay Gathering finals as a jury member and meet you at the event's booth!

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Arlequin has been a cosplayer since 2012. He is used to participating in contest, both as a contestant and a jury member. He has already visited many conventions in France and across Europe, and has notably taken part in the 2015 ECG contest. He was recently part of the Crown Championship of Cosplay in Chicago.

He particularly enjoys creating costumes that require various techniques and fabrics. For more than two years, he has been running his own company in which he crafts accessories and settings for plays, movies, and events. He also offers his services as an engineering consultant in other workshops.

He loves to share his knowledge at panels or on social media, but also through the artistic courses he despenses. But what he enjoys the most is to meet people with whom he can share his passions. His motto? "Cosplay is a serious thing, so have fun!"


Arlequin comes to Japan Expo and is ready to draw his expertise to analyze the ECG constestants' performances among the finals' jury. He will also be meeting you at the ECG booth!

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