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From manga to science fiction and video games, the virtual characters become reality in the hands of the Demo Anigetter lovers. Come discover a tons of demos, expositions and initiations at their booth!

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Anigetter is an association under the law of 1901 from Orléans. Its aim is to promote and share its passion for models artwork under different forms whether it is on paper, plastic, resin, wood or any other material.

The association’s creations take their inspiration from many universes, like manga, animation (of Japanese origin, or not), video games, science fiction and more!

During the festival, Anigetter offer you an exhibit of papercraft (models in paper), garage kit (figurines of painted resin characters) and plamo (various models of mecha, robots, ships and other vehicles), and also sessions of live demonstration!


The exhibit

The exhibit, main attraction of the stand, has three types of models:

  • papercraft : paper models representing characters, ships, planes, mecha, buildings
  • plastic models and resin figurines from manga, anime, video games and the universe of science fiction
  • scratches, aka personal creations, and original makings on various supports inspired from Japanimation.

Demonstrations and initiations

Throughout the four days of the festival, Anigetter has the pleasure to give you demonstrations of papercraft making, as well as assembling of papercraft and painting of models and figurines.

These demonstrations take place in live, in front of the attendees and with no interruption. They are made by people who are passionate about these crafts and eager to share all their secrets with you! An occasion for you to see that modeling isn’t as complicated as people say, and has no limits.

Come take part in initiations:

  • Papercraft
    You can also take part in initiations arranged on the papercraft activity, and to leave with the model of your choice made by your own hands, as well as with the papercraft competence (option use of scissors +5)
    Everyday and all day long.
  • Origami 3D
    A new discipline proposed since Japan Expo 2014, origami 3D is expecting you with initiation workshop. In small groups, discover this discipline between traditional origami and Papercraft, the necessary materials, advice from the team, all in a merry atmosphere.
    1 hour-long workshops, everyday with 2 sessions per, limited to 4 persons per workshop. You'll try to make the swan below during the workshops.

More information on Anigetter's booth (workshop schedule) and on their forum:

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