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AMV France

AMV France brings together anime and music fans around AMV! The most important French-speaking community of AMV makers shows their most beautiful videos at Japan Expo!

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amv france

AMV France is the largest French-speaking community of AMV makers!

The association provides all the necessary means to develop AMV like music videos in France.

what is an amv?

An AMV, or Anime Music Video, is a video made from extracts of anime, the whole being synchronized with a song or a piece of music.

It is a video editing, more or less complex and refined, which allows to enjoy presenting your know-how and vision of a work or theme (fights, emotions...). While most videos are based on anime, some also use video game sequences, live extracts or manga pages.



You're a fan of anime? You're creative? Then AMVs are definitely going to get your attention and AMV France members are there to show you their works, give you some advice if you want to give AMVs a try yourself, and organize games and activities


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