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Aki Hiroshima Busho-Tai

Step back 450 years in the past and discover the samurai world! Rock music, dances and sword displays are the keys to Aki Hiroshima Busho-Tai company’s success.

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The Sengoku period, literally “Age of Warring States”, marked a turning point in Japan’s history. Indeed, from the 15th century to the end of the 16th, plenty of social and political conflicts arose throughout the country. It was during this period that the MOURI samurai clan was created.

安芸ひろしま武将隊 - SAMURAI PRIDE

The Aki Hiroshima Busho-Tai company tells the story of famous samurai Motonari MOURI and his companions during captivating shows at Hiroshima Castle organized by the Hiroshima Castle Tourism PR Corps. Every Sundays, the nine members of the company perform in this building which used to belong to the MOURI clan and carry out sword displays along with rock music.


Come and see the Aki Hiroshima Busho-Tai company on the Sakura stage during an outstanding show!

安芸ひろしま武将隊 - SAMURAI PRIDE 外伝~武士の誉れ~

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