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AKARA revolutionizes the J-music world thanks to an innovative concept combining rock and traditional tunes. Discover this unique group on the Sakura stage!

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AKARA is a rock band with four members including a singer and three musiciens playing traditional Japanese instruments such as koto, shinobue (bamboo flute), nôkan ( flute), and tsuzumi (drums). Through their music style uniting traditional Japanese tunes and rock music, they created a new genre: J-trad rock. The band was formed in 2014 by MIKIKO, a bilingual singer who got her degree at Califronia State University, Los Angeles. In 2017, they performed in Germany upon request of the Japan Foundation.

By combining traditional Japanese music's sensitivity with rock, they a fresh boost to the genre. AKARA performs as part of a campaign to raise awareness on radiations, launched by the Ministry of Environment.

J-trad ROCK band AKARA 「孤高」 "KOKOU" by AKARA

AKARA joins Japan Expo's festivities and shares their unique music with you during a show on the Sakura stage!


Find AKARA on akara.tokyo

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