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Yoshiki and his new band THE LAST ROCKSTARS !

With 3 other Japanese rock icons, Hyde, Sugizo and Miyavi, Yoshiki is the leader of the new band The Last Rockstars which will debut on stage in 2023!

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The Last Rockstars is the brand new project bringing together Yoshiki, Hyde, Sugizo and Miyavi, 4 of Japan's biggest rockstars. 

For their live debut, the group will hold concerts in Tokyo, New York and Los Angeles in 2023. 

The goal of this new band is to preserve the spirit of rock music and to take the challenge outside of Japan. It is following these ideas that The Last Rockstars was formed.

YOSHIKI is known as the leader of the band X Japan, but also for his career as a solo artist. He has composed soundtracks for Hollywood movies, composed a song for the Emperor of Japan and he also composed the official theme song for the Golden Globe Awards. He has performed on some of the world's biggest stages, including Madison Square Garden, Wembley Arena, the Coachella Music Festival and Carnegie Hall. 

HYDE is recognized as the lead singer of the band L'Arc-en-Ciel, which has sold over 40 million albums worldwide. He was also the first rock band to headline the Japan National Stadium. HYDE has enjoyed great success during international tours as a solo artist.

As a solo artist, SUGIZO pursues his unique style of electronic music while creating tracks for several films and plays. He is a member of LUNA SEA, X JAPAN and JUNO REACTOR from the United Kingdom, a group known for creating psychedelic trance.

MIYAVI, also known as "The Samurai Guitarist", is known for his "slap style" guitar playing that does not use a pick, which has taken him around the world. After making his acting debut in Unbroken, directed by Angelina Jolie, he was the first Japanese public figure to be featured in GUCCI's global campaign.

The Last Rockstars, a rock band composed of Yoshiki, Hyde, Sugizo and Miyavi will make its debut on stage in Tokyo in 2023 before flying to the United States to New York and Los Angeles.

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