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Treat yourself to Japan Expo goodies!

This year, the official store is packed with a whole host of goodies! Find out more here!

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Let's start with the badges! There are 5 of them, in 5 different colors and designs, so you can choose the one that best matches your outfit. They're available at 3€/piece!


But that's not all! Our favorite mascot is now available in a myriad of stickers, so you can decorate your everyday objects! Get your hands on these 3 sheets for 5€ at the official store!

It's going to be a hot summer! Luckily, Chibi Dino and a familiar wave are bringing you a cool breeze at the festival. The fan is available for €10!

For fans of Aurore and Chibi Dino, mugs and water bottles are also available from the official store, priced at €15 and €25 respectively!


Little Dino will grow up... Or is it the other way around? In a world exclusive at Japan Expo, make a Chibi Dino baby plush your own and let him meet his ancestor from last year! Complete your dinosaur family for €16 at the official boutique!


Going from one festival to the next takes its toll! Chibi Dino surfs to your rescue with its bento box, so you can keep your meal safe in your bag. There are 2 variations, last year's design and the new one! The bento box is available for €25!


Keep a souvenir of Japan Expo on your desk with acrylic stands available in 3 models featuring Japan Expo characters, at 15€ each!


Take the opportunity to acquire a memorable souvenir in the form of a facsimile featuring the plates of Cobra, the work of mangaka Buichi Terasawa, sold for €20 on the Isan Manga stand and in the official store!

facsimile cobra #1

facsimile cobra #2

facsimile cobra #3

facsimile cobra #4

facsimile cobra #5

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