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The Také Stage welcomed esport!

The Také Stage had a great deal of surprises in store for you last July as it made its debut as a real esport stage! Fully equipped for the new discipline, it is now THE esport stage of the festival, featuring crazy showmatches and exceptional gamers!

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Esport featured at Japan Expo for the first time on the 20th Anniversary of the festival and for the event, the Také Stage transformed completely! With three screens allowing the audience to follow showmatches, competition computers in a 6 vs 6 esport setup and a brand new layout allowing more than 1,000 people to enjoy the program, the Také Stage could welcome this new discipline which now has a whole dedicated corner in the festival. 


Four events shared the Také Stage last July. Bandai Namco Entertainment organize a whole afternoon dedicated to SoulCalibur VI with two top French players: Kira and Toho. League of Legends had proud of honour with Riot Games with a match bringing together LRB, Crocodyle, Toucouille, Nono, and DFG against Djoko, ImSoFresh, Rhobalas, Steeelback, and RxDye. More showmatches were featured with brocasters and guests for Overwatch with Blizzard Entertainment who invited on stage Adyboo, Alpha, Althea, Chipsette, DeGuN, Fayaw, JDG, Julien Josselin, Lutti, Manaberry, Nanak, Nostal, Shaytwan, and Zaroide. The French and Japanese students of the esport schools Paris Gaming School and Renaissance Academy faced each other on Street Fighter V and Pro Evolution Soccer 2019


Usually dedicated to the whole industry of video games, the Také Stage kept on welcoming tournaments such as the Saturn Bomberman finals with MO5.com, the Indie Games Challenges, or the Dragon Ball Z Super Butôden 2. Conferences allow to discover new games with their creators like No Straight Roads by Wan HAZMER, to learn more about artists such as Kazuko SHIBUYA, pixel artist on Final Fantasy, or about the world of video games, like the panel bringing together Yoann GUÉRITOT and Hiroshi MATSUYAMA from CyberConnect 2 who tackled the subject of working in Japan in the video game industry as a foreigner.

Let’s have a look at the photos of the Také Stage at Japan Expo 20th Impact:

See you at Japan Expo 21st Impact, on July 2-5, 2020 at Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center!

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