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The "King of Anime Songs" has passed away

Known for his numerous openings and OST, in particular that of "Mazinger Z", the singer Ichiro Mizuki, invited in 2007 to Japan Expo Paris, passed away at the age of 74.

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Having started his career in 1968 as a singer of popular songs, Ichiro Mizuki soon moved on to anime music in 1971. With a collection of over 1,200 titles, Ichiro Mizuki's vocal technique quickly caught the public's attention until his 50th anniversary of his debut! He was a guest at Japan Expo Paris in 2007, and provided us powerful performances. It was an honour to welcome him and to witness his showcases.

Unfortunately, in April 2021, he was diagnosed with lung cancer and continued to perform despite his illness. His last concert was held the 27th November 2022 at the Yomiuri Otemachi Hall in Tokyo. He died on December 6 from his illness, aged 74.

May the king of anime songs rest in peace, his voice will continue to echo in our heads. Our thoughts are with his family and friends. 

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