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The enchanting Sera Amagi and Yuukineko await you for a fantastic concert!

Known for her enchanting music featured in various rhythm games, alongside guitarist Yuukineko, Sera Amagi will be showcasing her captivating musical world at Japan Expo.

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Sera Amagi, a talented Japanese singer-songwriter, is known for her enchanting music featured in various rhythm games.

Born in Los Angeles and raised in TokyoSera Amagi has cherished the cultural diversity of our planet since childhood. Her music has garnered immense appreciation not only in Japan but also internationally.

With her partner Yuukineko, she will play some of her original songs, like The Blue Forest of the Starry Summoner and FABULA, and covers of anime songs.

Sera Amagi loves and creates “ethnic pop”; based on traditional music from all over the world, which includes elements of Japanese traditional music too.

For her concerts, she put up some traditional Japanese pop in her original tracks to perform wearing a Lolita dress à la Japanese kimono.

Discover her talent during her showcases on stage and meet with her at her signing sessions at Japan Expo!

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