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Takayama Sannô Matsuri

Proud of its renowned festival, the city of Takayama celebrates on April 14 to 15 the magnificent Takayama Matsuri, which attracts every year tens of thousands of visitors with its amazing chariot parades.

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The Takayama Matsuri festival is a generic name for the two festivals that take place in the city of Takayama, the Sannô Matsuri during spring and the Hachiman Matsuri during fall. This biannual festival is considered as one of the most beautiful in Japan, with the Kyoto Gion Matsuri and the Chichibu Matsuri of Saitama. Set in the Hie-jinja shrine, the Sannô Matsuri is famous for its magnificent yatai parades. The yatai are richly ornamented floats, in which you can have karakuri ningyo (mechanical dolls dancing at the float tops). 


The peak of Takayama Matsuri takes place during the yomatsuri (night time festival), on April 14 evening from 6 pm to 9 pm. And it is during this part of the festival that there is a wonderful parade of 12 yatai with hundreds of paper lanterns on it. Moreover, if the weather does not allow it to be, the yomatsuri is canceled, but the yatai are still exhibited in galleries and sheds for the visitors' delight.

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